Cough & Throat Relief* Daytime Supplement

A warm drink supplement packed with vitamins and soothing honey.

Main Ingredients
Dark Honey Elderberry
Apple Spice
13 Essentials
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Cough & Throat Relief* Daytime Supplement

Mix up a packet of Cough & Throat Relief* for a warm, soothing blend of dark honey. It's enhanced with vitamin C and zinc to support the immune system and features 11 other vitamins.*

A Soothing Drink for What Ails You

Curling your fingers around a warm mug of our Cough & Throat Relief* drink supplement is just what you need on those days when you're not yourself. Our dark honey blend soothes the throat and calms your cough from hoarseness while essential vitamins support your immune system.*

Cough & Throat Relief* Daytime Supplement

Soothe your throat and your soul with the same warm drink.

What's in a Packet?

What's in the Box?

Each box contains 6 packets of Cough & Throat Relief* Daytime Drink Mix.