Seasonal Relief 10 Count

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Seasonal Relief 10 Count


Zarbeeā€™s Seasonal Relief contains Ze339, a unique and natural extract of the Butterbur plant previously only available in Europe.

Product Details

  • Proven congestion relief*

  • No side effects, grogginess or foggy-headed feeling

  • 10 Count

Parents Say...

"Zarbee's has worked so well for my children! It calms their cough almost immediately, soothes their sore throat, and is all-natural, which I love!"

- Jessica O., Oklahoma

Parents Say...

"We tried several Zarbees cough syrups and they have all been great. They are easy to get kids to take."

Parents Say...

"This has been a god-send for this winter's horrible mucus-filled cold season. It somehow lulls my daughter into a peaceful sleep and truly lets her cough calm down to get a night of uninterrupted rest."

Parents Say...

"I kid you not, after I gave her the Zarbee's, she coughed once and immediately went to sleep! We finally had the first peaceful night of sleep in days! Thanks Zarbee's... this is definitely my go-to baby cough syrup from now on!"

Parents Say...

"Great all natural mucus and cough relief, safe for our little ones, and they love that it comes in their favorite flavor, grape!"

Users Say...

"Zarbee's All Natural Cough Syrup works just as well as what I mix together but offers added benefits. In addition to honey and lemon this cough syrup contains zinc and vitamin c. It tastes great and is a quick and effective, non-drowsy way to control my cough during the day at work."

- Auburn, Alabama

Users Say...

"This is a pleasant tasting drink that helps soothe minor sore throats and coughs. It made me feel better after drinking it, and I really enjoyed the taste."

Users Say...

"I took one tablet and not even 30 mins later, I was feeling sleepy...without feeling 'drugged' and irritable. I feel much safer taking these tablets, compared with prescription or OTC sleeping pills, because melatonin & L-theanine are natural substances. Not to mention, I think they taste good!"

- Joice

Users Say...

"I took one of the tablets, used eye wash, and within 30 minutes, the itching and redness was gone."

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