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Our best-selling syrups are a
natural choice for baby’s first cough.

Doctors and parents love us—we’re the #1 pediatrician-recommended cough syrup brand* for babies and the #1 selling baby cough syrup brand.+

Formulated with simple, handpicked ingredients like organic agave syrup and thyme and safe at 2+ months, our effective Cough Syrups are made specifically for babies.

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    Our products are
    brimming with
    wholesome ingredients.

    And that's it. Because what doesn’t go into them is just as important as what does.
    That’s why our range is made with handpicked ingredients like:

    Ivy Leaf Extract
    Organic Agave Syrup

    And without
    unwanted additives:

    No Drugs or Alcohol
    No Artificial Sweeteners, Flavors, or Dyes

    Agave is as safe
    as it is sweet.

    We source our triple-filtered organic nectar from agave plants in Mexico. Because honey isn’t recommended for infants under one year old, agave-based cough syrups can be a safe alternative. Plus, because it’s naturally sweet, it goes down just as easily.

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    We believe that when you put good in, you get great out—that’s why we use handpicked, wholesome ingredients like agave nectar, thyme, and ivy leaf across the board. Gentle yet effective, we’ll be there with our custom formulations for the whole hive to help make healthy choices second nature.

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