Baby Gum Massage Gel

Calming chamomile & lemon peel to massage and soothe baby's gums

Main Ingredients
Chamomile Lemon Peel
For Infants
2 months +
Pure and Simple
Benzocaine and Belladonna free
Marquee BG
Baby Gum Massage Gel

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A safe and effective way to help calm your baby's gums. Made with naturally soothing ingredients such as chamomile and lemon peel, to lubricate and help you massage your little one's gums. We left out all the unwanted additives.

Soothed by Nature

Our plant-based, non-medicated massaging gel with chamomile and lemon peel help to calm baby's gums. Made with wholesome ingredients, Baby Gum Massage Gel is safe to swallow and use day and night.

Baby Gum Massage Gel

Look to nature for all that soothes.

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What's in a Tube?

What We Leave Out

Our Baby Gum Massage Gel is free of drugs, menthol, eugenol (clove), benzocaine, belladonna and parabens.