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Our 5-Step Safety

Assessment Process

We're committed to quality and safety, which is why we've developed a thorough process to create our products and supplements. If a formula fails any step within the process, we go back to the drawing board. It’s how we assure we are developing safe and effective wellness solutions for you and your whole hive.  
1. Sourcing Raw Materials
Safe products start with safe raw materials. That is why we thoroughly review every supplier and manufacturer and only accept materials that meet our rigorous quality and safety standards.
2. Assessing Ingredients
The ingredients we receive must be assessed and meet the requirements for safe use in our products. We dig below the surface to evaluate ingredient integrity and purity and review the latest findings from personal care, food and medicine studies.
3. Clinical Evaluation
Our experts review for every likely issue, including allergic reaction and gastrointestinal irritation.  As a result, our safety database includes information on a wide variety of formula interactions that help inform every new formula we make.

4. Efficacy and Testing

Our medical experts ensure all key ingredients have a thorough review of literature and clinical data to confirm we are delivering efficacious products.  We also test our products in the lab under many scenarios - extreme heat, cold, humidity and more - to triple-check safety, consistency, and quality.
5. Ongoing Evaluation

Even when our finished product is available in your local store, our work isn't done. In addition to watching for new information, we listen to your feedback, whether it’s via a customer service call or a social media comment, and make updates when necessary, so that every product we make meets your expectations.