Happy, healthy hives start with curated ingredients inspired by nature and backed by science. We’ll be there with something for everyone in yours.

Be Well

Products to help keep the whole hive healthy year-round.*

Vitamins, Supplements and Sleep

Make great-tasting nutrients part of your hive's daily routine.*
Product photo Vitamins, Supplements and Sleep Products

Immune Support*

Get proactive to maintain healthy cells and support the immune system.*
Product photo Immune Support* Products

Get Soothed

Soothing honey-based alternatives for everyone, from babies to adults.*

Throat Relief

Find products for all ages with dark honey to help with coughs from irritated throats and hoarseness.*
Product photo Throat Relief Products

Sinus & Respiratory Support*

Drug-free seasonal sinus support with African Geranium Root that helps support clear respiratory tracts throughout all seasons.*
Product photo Sinus & Respiratory Support* Products
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