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Our story

For the Well-being of Every Family

Bee on a honeycomb
Image of a doctor and a child patient
Mother and son holding elderberry gummy
Black Elderberry Immune Support bottle in bowl of elderberries
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Our origins

What We Believe

Zarbee’s was founded by father and pediatrician Dr. Zak Zarbock, who was inspired by nature and guided by science to seek new and better ways to help his kids and his patients.

Unable to find effective, drug-free products to keep the whole family healthy, Dr. Zak aspired to bring new ideas for his kids and patients’ best health. His very first product was a honey-based kids’ cough syrup made with vitamin C and zinc and completely free of unwanted ingredients like alcohol, drugs, and artificial flavors.

The result is Zarbee’s.

Image of a doctor and a child patient
Our Philosophy

Inspired by Nature. Backed by Science.

Inspired by Nature. Backed by Science.

At Zarbee's, we know the health of your family means everything. That's why we believe in the pure genius of nature, backed by the discipline of science. Nature inspires us to seek out simple and wholesome ingredients that work naturally with the body. Science guides our dedication to every detail and our commitment to high standards in order to bring you wellness solutions made with quality ingredients that are proven to work safely and effectively. Because science is in our nature. And nature is in our science. It's who we are and what we do, meticulously and passionately, every day, for the well-beeing of all. 

Elderberries loaded with antioxidants

Purposeful Ingredients

Our wholesome ingredients are purposefully selected and combined.

  • Carefully sourced and thoroughly evaluated
  • Meticulously tested for provenance, potency, and purity to ensure quality
  • Formulated without drugs, gluten, lactose, unnecessary fillers or high-fructose corn syrups
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Rigor of our Science

Rigor of our Science

We are dedicated to performance, and work tirelessly to ensure our ingredients work.

  • Robust, data driven approach to ensure efficacy
  • Strong scientific evidence supporting ingredient claims and benefits
Integrity at our Core

Integrity at our Core

Our commitment to the quality and safety of our supplements is our top priority.

Behind The Scenes: How Our Ingredients Are Sourced

Learn more about how we source two of our most important ingredients; dark honey and elderberry.

Mother playing with her children
How we care

Wellness Solutions for the Whole Hive

Dr. Zarbock understood that health is an ecosystem. One that needs to be nurtured and supported inside the body, within in the family, and outside in the natural world.

From the very beginning, we’ve dedicated ourselves to crafting wholesome wellness solutions that are safe and effective to help you keep your whole hive feeling its best.

Today, Zarbee's is the #1 pediatrician-recommended cough syrup and sleep support brand for kids 12 and under. From vitamins that help support immune systems to cough syrups with honey to soothe,* we know that one person's health impacts everyone else at home, school, the office, and beyond.

For coughs associated with dry throat, hoarseness, or irritants  

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Black Elderberry Immune Support bottle in bowl of elderberries
Our products


Starting with our very first product, we've defined ourselves by what goes into a Zarbee's bottle, and just as importantly, what does not.

Powerful ingredients backed by science—like dark honey, elderberry, and agave—form the backbone of our products.

What you won’t find in our lineup are drugs, alcohol, gluten, artificial flavors, or artificial sweeteners, which means you can feel good about what you bring into your home.

Bee on a honeycomb
Our impact

Helping the bees.
Helping the planet.

The philosophy that guides Zarbee’s every day can also be seen in how we support the health of an interconnected natural ecosystem. We know that a healthy planet is needed for a healthy family. That’s why our partnership with the Bee Conservancy is so critical. 

Honeybees play a huge role in pollinating many of the fruits, vegetables, and nuts essential to our diets. In fact, they pollinate 1/3 of the food we eat. So, protecting them and their habitats has an ecosystem-wide impact that affects people and planet, alike.

The Science Behind Honey

Learn how honey offers so much more than just its sweet taste.

The Science Behind Elderberry

Find out why these little berries have been passed down through the centuries.

Flight path

Well Wishes from Our Hive to Yours!

The Zarbee’s family has a passion for wellness and a dedication to sourcing wholesome ingredients that are inspired by nature and backed by science. As always, we’re committed to help you keep your hive buzzing.

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