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Our little bees need their zzzzzz's, but sometimes babies call the shots. One night they'll sleep a lot, another night, not so much. We've all been there, and we love the peaceful feeling when they finally drift off to dreamland. A good night's sleep leads to a better tomorrow for everyone. Rest assured, your baby’s sleep habits will change as they grow but if you need help now, try this 3-Step Calming Routine. Follow it consistently to keep your little one on a sleep schedule. It may help babies and toddlers sleep better in as little as one week. From our hive to yours, sweet dreams!

3-Step Calming Baby Bedtime Routine

1. Start with a Warm Bath

It's the perfect way to create separation between "busy time" and "sleep time" while giving you a chance to bond with baby. It can work wonders to help baby unwind and prepare for a more restful sleep.

• Choose a time when baby is not too tired and not too close to a feeding.

• Keep the bathroom warm and draft-free, consider a space heater if needed.

• Use your wrist or bath thermometer to determine if water is just right - about 100 degrees.

• Create a calming atmosphere by bringing in soothing scents of lavender and chamomile in naturally fragranced oils, balms, or sprays.

• For older babies, make bath-time bonding time. Sing softly, read waterproof books, massage while washing.

• Gently pat baby’s skin dry and place them in enough towels for head to toe warmth.

2. Follow up with a Gentle Massage

From their head to their little toes, routine touch and massage can improve sleep quality when part of a bedtime routine. It can calm your baby’s breathing, help with gas and constipation and allow them to relax and sleep longer. It also helps you both to bond while making them feel secure and ready for sleep.

• Create a calming atmosphere by bringing in soothing scents of lavender and chamomile in naturally fragranced oils, balms, or sprays.

• Prepare by warming your hands, have a clean diaper handy and use a gentle baby balm or oil such as Zarbee’s Naturals Calming Massaging Oil.

• Choose a warm, quiet place, lay baby on their back, make eye contact and tell them it's massage time.

• Follow these 4 Massage Steps from head to toe.

• Use a gentle touch without tickling, as your baby grows, use a firmer touch. Take your cues from baby, if they're restless, try again later.

3. Create a Cozy Space

A dark, quiet and slightly cool atmosphere will set the stage for sleep. Read or sing softly or play a soothing lullaby - here are some of our favorites: Listen to lullabies

• Use a nightlight or stuffed animal for older babies to help with nighttime fears.

• Keep TVs or other distractions out of the room.

• Try blackout curtains or shades.

• Use a white noise machine.

• Use a dimly lit lamp for night feedings.

Baby Sleep Schedule

See how many zzzz's your little one needs, month-by-month

Age Day Hours Night Hours Total Naps
Newborn sleep schedule 8.5 8.5 17 Varies
1 month old sleep schedule 8 9 17 Varies
3 months old sleep schedule 6 10 16 3
6 months old sleep schedule 5 10 15 2-3
9 months old sleep schedule 3.5 11 14.5 2

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