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If you’ve seen melatonin* in the news lately, you may be questioning if it’s a safe sleep ingredient for children and teens. Here’s some additional information on melatonin including how to safely store it and how to properly administer it to your child for occasional sleep support.*

Is melatonin safe?

Melatonin is widely available as a dietary supplement for children and adults. It’s a naturally occurring hormone that regulates the body’s sleep and wake cycles*. The American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) states that “Melatonin may be used on occasion to help some kids get rest while you keep trying to establish good bedtime routines. It may also help some older children and teens reset sleep schedules—such as after vacations, summer breaks, or other interruptions.* Most teens, after all, require more sleep, not less.” 1

We encourage parents to consult their pediatrician with any questions or concerns about melatonin or any dietary supplement.

Supplement responsible usage

Children are naturally curious and may be tempted to reach for anything that looks like candy or a sweet-tasting liquid. To keep children safe at home, melatonin, other supplements, and all medicines should be given with adult supervision and used and stored properly. Here are some safety tips from Up and Away—a great educational resource for parents in partnership with the CDC.

  • Pick a place that little ones can’t see or reach

  • Never leave tablets, gummies or liquids on a counter or child’s bedside

  • Always relock the child resistant caps on bottles

  • Teach your children about supplement safety—never refer to it as candy

  • Remind guests who have medicines in purses or coats to keep them out of sight

  • Be prepared in case of an emergency with the Poison Help hotline number: 800-222-1222

  • Keep all medicines, vitamins, and supplements, including melatonin, up and out of reach.

  • Always follow dosing directions on the labels or as recommended by a pediatrician.

Be sure to visit Up and Away for a downloadable safety tip sheet and educational coloring book for children.

Zarbee’s melatonin products 

Our Sleep with Melatonin products come in different forms for children and adults including liquid, chewable tablets, and gummies in various flavors.

Each is non-habit-forming and made to promote peaceful sleep* when used as directed for occasional sleeplessness.

Need some ideas for a consistent sleep routine for everyone in the house?

Check out these downloadable sleep tips called 9 at Night from Dr. Zak Zarbock.

Sleep with Melatonin dosing

Keep in mind that melatonin works best when taken 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime. For proper dosing recommendations for your family, we suggest you consult your doctor or healthcare provider.

At Zarbee’s, the health and safety of the children and adults who use our products is our top priority. As always, we’re here to bring you news, information and carefully crafted products made to support your family’s health and well-being. It takes a hive!

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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